Project Description


jazz band

Jazzical trio was founded in 2014 by internationally renowned crossover pianist Norbert Káel, as an idea of broadening the scope of his musical ideas. In the trio, Péter Oláh plays the bass, with also significant classical music educational background, and András Lakatos plays the drums.

 The trio’s main musical direction is the fusion of harmonic and rhythmic elements of three musical styles: Classical, jazz and folk music. They create a fusion of these three syles, characterized by individual and exciting sound.

The trio is receiving great success both at home and abroad, also often performs with musicians coming from a variety of musical styles. Tessa Souter, Daniel Kramer, Márta Sebestyén, Nikolasz Takács, Kátya Tompos, Nikoletta Szőke, József Balog and Joe Lovano are only a few names of excellent musicians, the trio has been sharing the stage with.

Although the essence of Jazzical trio’s musical stance is the playful, chamber-like performance of rhythmic and melodic elements provided by the piano-bass-drum conversation.

They have already participated in the Gala program of the Prima Primissima Awards, Café Budapest Festival, Budapest Spring Festival, Zemplén Art Festival and many international music festivals, and concert halls of Germany, Denmark, Romania, Russia, Egypt, Mexico, USA, India, China and Italy.

In their new program they pay a tribute to the legacy of Ferenc Liszt and György Cziffra. A selection of famous Liszt compositions and also György Cziffra’s favorite pieces will be heard in the interpretation of the trio’s imaginative and creative sound