The prizes of Cziffra Festival

The prizes of Cziffra Festival were founded  in 2017 on the basis of the initiatives of János Balázs Kossuth Prize pianist. His intention was to create a tradition to give financial and ethical support to talented musicians at the beginning of their carreer and also to recognise the highest human contributions to cultural life. 

The Cziffra Festival Talent Award can be given every year to two young musicians under the age of 32 for an outstanding  individual performance.

The Cziffra Festival Lifetime Achievement Award can be given every year to two persons of any age, should they be musicians, teachers, managers or cultural organisors.

The gross value of the Talent Award  is 1.000.000 HUF, the Lifetime Achievement Award is 500.000 HUF both together with a commemorative plaque.

The persons to be awarded are chosen by a panel on the bases of notations.

List of awarded by Cziffra Festival:

Talent Award: Ernő Kállai (violinist), Gergely Devich (cellist), Fülöp Ránki (pianist), Lilla Horti (singer), Marcell Szabó (pianist), Júlia Pusker (violinist), Tamás Pálfalvi (trompet player), Gergely Kovács (pianist).

Lifetime Achievement Award: Tamás Vásáry (pianist), László Jakobi (concert director), Dezső Ránki (pianist), András Csonka (cultural expert), Jenő Jandó (pianist), Erika Becht (music teacher), Gábor Takács-Nagy (violinist, conductor), János Kovács (conductor).

The awards are financed with the support of the Councils of Kőbánya and 13. district of Budapest.