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Márta Bada Exhibition

In February 2019, the pictures of the naive gypsy contemporary painter, Márta Bada, will be exhibited at the Károly Reich Gallery in MOMkult.

“I have prepared the 14 pictures of the Revelation beacuse of the reassurement of Erzsébet Szekere textile artist, drawn with black carnelian and blue pastel crayon. I wanted to express my mourning with black, and the cold with blue. Drawings show the scenes of the Book of Revelation based on my imagination. I call on the audience to close the messages of paintings in their hearts because God does good for good. That’s why I’m praying to forgive our sins and have mercy on us the last day. “Bada Márta

Márta Bada – 14 pictures of the Revelation book:

Picture 1: Holy Angels
Picture 2: Holy Celestial (the butterfly is a symbol of passing)
Picture 3: Angels offers God the soul of the dead

Picture 4: Darkness on Earth
Picture 5: The angel blows the fighting trumpet
Picture 6: Battle begins (angel on black horse with arrow in hand)
Picture 7: The angel with a sword drawn on a brown horse
Picture 8: The angel estimates the guilty souls on a pale horse, with a scale in his hand

Picture 9: The Chief Angel begins the harvest with a sharp sickle in his hand
(Above it, God sends down locusts whose stinging is painful, but not deadly, causing great suffering.)

Picture 10: Angels call the heavenly birds, with them the horns appear to clear away the dead from the ground

Picture 11: Saint Michael Archangel sheds the red dragon (The dragon’s tail is like a snake.) Saint Michael Archangel falls on the dragon with his strong body, the dragon’s head in one hand, his sharp lance in the other hand, piercing the dragon’s neck.

Picture 12: God comes with His Holy Son to judge over living and dead (In the meantime, an eagle comes and God asks him, “What are you doing here?” The eagle says, “I came to take care of the lamb!” In the hands of God is a meteor, and he is ready for judgment. His Holy Son is on a white horse, with his sword and spear he is ready to fight.

Picture 13: Believe in God!
Picture 14: God can give eternal life

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