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The encounters of opera literature and the queen of musical instruments have been widely popular since Liszt’s transcriptions: at this year’s concert of the ZongOpera series, the great coloratura soprano, Erika Miklósa will be the partner of János Balázs, while during the musical journey we arrive from Mozart via Puccini to Cziffra’s own transcripts.

Erika Miklósa Kossuth, Liszt Ferenc and Prima Primissima Prize-winning coloratura soprano singer

János Balázs Liszt and Prima – winning pianist

Ádám Bősze 

Best known opera arias of Mozart, Erkel, Puccini, Bizet and Verdi and Cziffra-Balázs transriptions of Liszt pieces.

Tickets| 9000 Ft, 8000 Ft, 6000 Ft, 3500 Ft, 2500 Ft 

Tickets are available at the website  czf.jegy.hu, as well as at the ticket office of MOMkult and the Liszt Academy. 



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