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Photo: Marco Borggreve

The French pianist is known not only for his gentle keying of the piano but also for his unusual choices of repertoires. He made no exception this time either, by including works from three Russian authors – Prokofiev, Obukhov and Scriabin – that are real rarities for a concert hall, along with the monumental sonata of Beethoven, the Hammerklavier, guaranteeing the experience of discovery for the audience.

L. van Beethoven: Piano Sonata in B flat major, Op. 106 (Hammerklavier)

S. Prokofiev: Sarcasms
N. Obukhov: Revelation
A. Scriabin: Sonata no. 10., Sonata no. 5.

Tickets| 10.000 Ft, 8000 Ft, 6000 Ft, 5000 Ft, 4000 Ft, 3000 Ft

Tickets are available at the website  czf.jegy.hu, as well as at the ticket office of MOMkult and the Liszt Academy. 

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