Project Description

Photo: Krisztina Szalmás

Sára Sebestyén


The photographs of Sára Sebestyén are organically fitting into the Hungarian constructivist tradition. Her images are composed of architectural details and everyday sights that are framed by precision and soft harmony. The playfulness of colors, forms and lights meets the rigid rules of geometry, oftentimes the artist uses the opposites as basic building blocks while each composition hides something unexpected. In her work the aesthetically perfect form is found in artistic creation, which can be completely free of concrete content, as has always been practiced in music. Sára Sebestyén shows a clear edge in the truest sense of the word, at the same time she reflects on life in her photographs. If one had to describe Sebestyén’s photographic art by a few keywords perhaps the following words would make for the best candidates: clear structure and colors, determined yet sensual lines and fields, classical and new proportions, edges that separate yet connect spaces, and a surprise.

Sára Sebestyén selected exhibitions
2020: The Art of Photography, KromArt Gallery, Centro Sperimentale di Fotografia, Róma
2020: CIRCLE-LINE, Három Hét Gallery, Budapest
2020: The Four and the Big Ones, K28 Gallery, Budapest
2020: I Live (Living on the Edge), solo exhibition, FUGA Architecture Center, Budapest
2020: The Art of Photography, International Exhibition, Barcelona Valid World Hall
2019: I Live (Living on the Edge), solo exhibition, Hungarian National Museum, Esztergom
2018: 3/7 Gallery, The picture of the noise group exhibition, curated by: Dóra Maurer, Barna Benedek

2019: BIFA, honorable mention,  Category: Portfolio – Fine Art
2018: Mobile International Photo Contest Winner PH21 Gallery

2020: Balkon Magazin
2020: Új Művészet
2020: Fotóművészet
2019: ArtNews